Denizen for iPhone and iPod Touch trailer #1

About Denizen

Denizen is a 3D arcade shooter. As a player you navigate through surreal and colourful environments and visuals. We like to call it a "neoretro" style. It features over 20 different enemies all with their own abilities and weapons. Denizen also features a licensed soundtrack. Hope you like beats!

The game will initially be released with one campaign, titled "The Domain", composed of 5 worlds containing a total of 15 levels, with a least 2 free updates planned at this stage. All levels contain a boss fight at the end. At the start of each level some story elements are revealed to you about this unique world.


You navigate by using the v-pad (virtual pad :) on the bottom left which is actually designed to simulate an analog stick, so momentum and speed could be easily controlled. You can attack single enemies by tapping on them, or multiple enemies by swiping your finger across them. In turn, enemies will rush in waves and will either shoot at you, or try to collide with you. "Nodes" are scattered throughout the levels for you to collect.

Thanks and enjoy!

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